I am so very excited, honoured, nervous, exhilarated and humbled to be confirmed as an official TEDx speaker. On November 30th this year I will take to the stage of TEDxOmagh and become part of the TED talk family.


So what will I talk about?

Well that's still in planning. I talk a lot - on stages I mean. Mostly about social media, digital marketing, media and communications but often about my own tales for motivational events. The TEDx talk is very different however and takes much thought and consideration. In fact the application process was very thorough and it took me quite a while to complete the form.



My approach will certainly be to tell a tale that engages, compels and creates emotion. I will have one clear message but which will be littered with anecdotes and evidence. I will put myself forward, probably more forward than I have ever done before. All in the name of TED. So I've begun to put my notes on paper. And will continue to edit, iterate and delete until I am completely happy with it. Notwithstanding the fact that the TEDxOmagh organisers must be completely happy with it too, and there will be review after review of my proposal and final script. Even though on the day I intend not to use a script so that I can express myself without barriers. I find that a script creates a creative wall and so I intend to go live, bare.



Earlier this week I shared some initial thoughts with my Facebook friends about what I would potentially talk about if I ever was chosen to be a TEDx speaker. Ironically I wrote these notes a few weeks before I was chosen as a TEDxOmagh participant.




What to wear?

Then I will face possibly an even bigger question. What does one wear as a TEDx speaker? For me if has to be something that will match my now famous red shoes. All fashion advice welcome ladies and gents!



TEDx Talks that inspire me

I watch lots of TED and TEDx talks and there are so many that inspire me. So what do I look for in a TEDx / TED talk? This will help me craft my own talk.

1. One simple but impactful message.

2. A speaker with a stylish delivery.

3. Emotion.

4. Compelling messages that make me stop in that moment, and which stay with me afterwards.

5. Engaging content that entertains me, so I'm not looking at how long is left.

OK so no pressure then JSB!

I would love your tips, advice and really anything that will help me make my TEDx talk a memorable one for all the right reasons!


Thanks to TEDx Omagh organiser Matthew Beaumont for giving me this amazing opportunity and for your kinds words.

"I actually came across the story of this superstar when I was doing the research for my application to TEDx Omagh. Once we had the licence a few other people that helped me in the research told me that I had to get this Joanne lady to speak, by a few people I mean eight.
Now eight is significant as I had only approached 8 people at this point to help me develop the idea. So this was a good sign.

"I can personally vouch for Joanne's amazingness, if you need somebody that isn't a traditional "boring" consultant, then talk to Joanne, she won't bite!!
I cannot wait for her to take the stage at TEDx Omagh later on this year, will she be the first TEDx Omagh speaker to hit one million views? We shall see......."