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My blog JSB Digital was named one of Ireland's Top Marketing Blogs by US-based website Search Engine Journal

I'm a journalist in a former life. It's a job I always wanted to do, to tell stories (and get paid for it). While my career evolved into business communications working across all areas of traditional media, I can whole-heartedly say that I've really always been telling stories. I've used storytelling to win new business for my clients, increase membership in representative organisations, create strategic partnerships and generate media interest.

Back in 2005 my professional eye was drawn to the evolution of the social web and how it created new conversation layers. Since then I have upskilled, become a passionate practitioner and a strategist for public and private sector clients.

After 14 years I realise I've always been storytelling but just in different ways and using different tools and techniques. So my digital revolution was less of a revolt and more of an embrace. I love the power to tell the a story on a many-to-many basis, to connect with like-minded people in a short space of time and empower small businesses to reach customers while operating on shoe-string budgets. We live in interesting times and I for one am thrilled to be living through the digital revolution and to be an ambassador for its emergence and growth.