By now you will realise that this blog centres on my love for words and for writing. So writing a book was of course a childhood dream. I've made a number of attempts at writing a book but the furthest I got was to chapter eight of a work of fiction. It's now on a floppy disc in my attic somewhere so I doubt it will ever see the light of day, never mind words in a published title. But the seed remains in my storybox (the bookshelf that is my mind).

Then 18 months ago I pursued my interest in a niche area - policing and social media - and began to research and write on the subject. The more I researched the less I found, and I discovered that I could add value to this space and so I kept on writing and thankfully made it past chapter eight and completed 12 chapters and published Social Media Under Investigation, Law Enforcement and the Social Web in February 2015.

And that day I realised a dream. Now I know there's another book in me, the genre - who knows?